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The Smarter way to manage your academic conferences

Specially Designed for Academic Conferences

SmartConfoo™ is a powerful academic conference management software that brings together multiple functions to help manage your event efficiently. Well proven and tested in many events, SmartConfoo™ is sure to seduce you with its ease of use.


SmartConfoo™ is a web-based solution hosted by Iris Solutions Canada. This means you will have no hosting fees and require no in-house IT expert to reap all of the software’s benefits.

Reliable, Efficient & Cost-Effective

SmartConfoo™ is a cost-effective solution: the software integrates several automated processes, normally conducted by large event-management teams, which means big savings in HR dollars.

Powerful & User-Friendly Software

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Adapted for academic conferences
  • Well proven at many conferences
  • Multilingual

  • Guided conference setup
  • Efficient user management
  • Easy paper/abstract management
  • Secure registration

  • Automated report generation
  • Ready to use!
  • Quick to deploy
  • High-quality support

Continuous Free Updates

Choosing SmartConfoo™ as your conference management software also means choosing the highest quality service.

IRIS Solutions SmartConfoo™ software lets you focus on organizing the best possible event. All of our packages include system deployment, free updates and backups.

Continuous Free Updates

Our Awesome Features

Conference Setup - Make it your own

SmartConfoo™ offers fully customizable features: in just a few clicks, identify administrators, invite reviewers to join your event, and set up paper categories, workshops or technical visits.

Papers & Abstracts

Handling papers is the hardest part of organizing an academic conference. SmartConfoo™ uses a highly effective and simple workflow that makes the job easy. From paper uploads, to reviews (anonymous or not), to acceptance – all stages in the process are integrated directly in the software.

Online Registrations

Registrations are a big deal, especially when many attendees are expected. Being well informed about your conference participants, tracking their payments and providing invoices will have never been so simple and convenient. SmartConfoo™ even makes it possible to create multiple registration plans, set early-bird prices and generate coupon codes.

Dashboard & Reports

The SmartConfoo™ dashboard offers useful information to manage your event, including registration rates, periodic sales, participant profiles and revenues, updated and accessible in real time.

Agenda Builder

Building your online conference agenda is a cinch with SmartConfoo™: simply assign abstracts and speakers to sessions, time slots and rooms, and the information will be updated automatically on your conference program webpage.

Biography Builder for Authors & Keynotes Speakers

Let participants know about conference presenters: SmartConfoo™ automatically generates webpage biographies for each one of them.

Email Customization

Use SmartConfoo™ to customize email templates for specific needs or communications strategies, and decrease the time you spend managing correspondence.

Attendee Management

SmartConfoo™ makes it easy to manage participation: it is designed to help event managers identify, track and fulfill participant needs, all within a single platform.

Badge Generator

In just a few clicks, SmartConfoo™ quickly generates modern conference badges for all invited and registered participants.


Use all the power of the robust SmartConfoo™ check-in feature for streamlined guest entry, in real time.


SmartConfoo™ is available in both English and French: users can simply toggle from one language to another within the software.


SmartConfoo™ supports over 160 currencies, and adapts its prices to the country in which the conference will be held.

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Pricing Plans

Choosing SmartConfoo™ as your conference management software also means choosing the highest quality service.

The IRIS SmartConfoo™ solution lets you focus on organizing the best event possible. All of our packages include system deployment, updates and backups.

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